Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Global warming Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Global warming - Essay Example ost circulated US newspapers and the two television channels with the largest viewership have been focusing their attention on only peripheral solutions to global warming instead of paying attention to the basic policy changes required. As Friedman (2008) has pointed out, green living in US has become a fashion of sort rather than a commitment that involves hard core political and economic choices (p.203-216). As a result, the real â€Å"scales† by which the problem has to be understood, measured and addressed is still lacking (Friedman, 2008, p.209-216). In other words, environmentalism in US is still dwelling on the rhetorical level and has not yet entered the realm of real action (Friedman, 2008, p.215). But all the same, if there is conviction to move forward, there are a number of viable alternatives presented, as is done by Al Gore (2008). Al Gore (2008) has stressed that there is full scope for convergence of actions meant to solve climate change and â€Å"economic† and â€Å"energy security crisis† and has provided many examples. But Friedman (2008) is rather pessimistic as he is conscious of the magnitude of the task in front (p.209-215). But it is evident that there are no â€Å"easy† ‘consumer-friendly’ ways to go green (Friedman, 2008, p.203-4). And it is evident from this discourse that global warming can be reduced only by path-breaking policies and corresponding action. What the US citizens can do towards this end should not be limited by the easy and ready-made solutions provided by trendy rhetoric. It is in this context that two major news papers and two most popular television channels will be scrutinized in this study over a certain period of time, by examining all the environmental reports that came in them during this period. The solutions offered in each of these reports will be categorized into two groups, namely, easy solutions and real solutions (related to policy and law). These two lists will be compared to find out which category is

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