Wednesday, August 7, 2019

MKT DB 10 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MKT DB 10 - Essay Example To this extent, I have gained immense experience on how superior branding and advertising through online marketing channels help in creating new market niches within a short period. Online marketing is a fascinating segment of this project as it applies in tandem with the level of the globalization. I would like to learn on how several online marketing instruments can make can be integrated into the management system to enhance direct management decision making that pertains the consumers. This is segment is intrusting because the integration is a result of the high class flexibility of the online marketing strategies, which make it easy to mould an online platform that can address specific issues relative to a specific market niche. Studying such instruments and the whole process of integration forms the base of my urge to pursue further the marketing segment, particularly, the online one. On equal measure, the skill of understanding the essence of application of specific strategies on particular stages of the product life cycle is critical in ensuring the smooth product movement from one stage to another with an aim of realizing considerable profit margin and keeping watch of the competitors in the market. I have gained much in-depth understanding on this skill and I believe I can develop a product from the very first stage of development to the last stage of declining with the application of the relevant marketing strategies as indicated in the table that follows. This involves the creation of a new idea and extensive investments in areas of research and product development. The relevant marketing strategy in this stage involves assessment of the feasibility of the project and the anticipated target audience. In addition, the anticipated market share relative to the existing market share should be evaluated (Mackenzie, 2007). This involves the launching of the product. Since the Kick

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