Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How to View Quality Theory from a Contingency Perspective Essay

How to View Quality Theory from a Contingency Perspective - Essay Example This does not mean that the work process should get routinized. Rather, enough flexibility has to be maintained, in order to meet all kinds of future changes and contingencies. In the modern dynamic business world this is far from being true. Hence there is the need is to develop a contingency approach to the quality management theories. The contingency perspective of quality management states that there can be no single management theory which can be used as a solution in all organizations under every circumstance. Hence all the elements of management, that is planning, organizing, staffing and directing needs to be suited to the requirements of the organization. The various factors upon which such decision making depends, include various environmental factors as well as several internal contingencies. (Stahl, 1999, p 78) The experts believe that the quality management is made up of two aspects namely, quality control and quality learning. Whereas control refers to the use of the quality improvement theories in an organization, learning refers to the use of the same in a contingency perspective. These two elements are also influenced by various moderators like the organizational structure and the environmental uncertainty, which in turn affects the overall performance. The managers need to have an effective balance between these two conflicting goals in the organization, so as to effectively deal with the situational uncertainties of the business. Thus it can be said that the successful working of an organization is dependent on the adaptability of its internal change processes to its external environment and to the contingencies occurring due to the nature of its business. (Giaever, 1998) A question can be asked in this regard, whether the Quality in itself is contingent or not. (Beckford, 2003, p. 151). There may be two dimensions of this question. The first one is the quality, which is determined by measuring the output of the organization.

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