Friday, September 27, 2019

Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 10

Terrorism - Essay Example As explained earlier, Terrorism have different meanings in different societies, some regard terrorism as mere political assassinations, some consider it as religious and political terror. Some think this as mere killings by anti socials who are fighting for a lost cause as in the case of religious fundamentals. But all these thoughts point out the fact that terrorism just has no moral insights and thinking to support it. It is agreeable that the word terrorism has emerged from the word terror. Terror is denoted as a system or regime of terror. However single minded efforts other than group efforts that instigate terror in the minds of peace loving citizens can also be brought under this category. The definitions of terrorism related to terror has gained wide acceptance among our modern society. Today we all agree that terrorism is a type of negative attitude. The term is associated to any policy or regime that creates problems. While connecting each and every activity that causes fear in the minds of people with terrorism, it has to be noted that activities that are done to create panic just for the consideration of making fun cannot be depicted as pure terrorism. In the same way, saying that all activites that are done without any aim, cannot be labeled as terrorism is also not agreeable. No one can clearly say that all terrorists have definite aims. As pointed out in the beginning most of the terrorists are fighting for lost causes or causes that are totally rejected by the modern civilized society. Therefore how can we say that all terrorists’ activities have definite aim? Terrorism merely does not mean as engaging into violence directly but it also represents slow intimidation and persuasion to begin violent activities. Molding a person or group of persons to do anti social practices is also terrorism. Terrorism is a type of coercive

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