Sunday, October 6, 2019

International Marketing and communications Essay

International Marketing and communications - Essay Example The report is conclusive although the company should conduct future research in the market for it to be successful in the market. The company should follow the proposal in its operation to succeed in the new market. In the recent times companies have been undertaking measures to diversify their products and services in order to compete in the world market. The report gives an analysis of the entry mode, marketing strategies and other factors affecting the introduction of Verizon wireless mobile phones in the Iranian market. The report studies the effect of culture on a product, pricing and positioning. Research is done on the factors that affect the sale of the product in the country including the origin of the country which affects its marketing. The Iranian telecommunication sector has been experiencing massive growth in the past few years. Verizon wireless is a joint venture company in the telecommunications field which is based in the United States in New Jersey. The company is the second largest in this line in the United States and it reported an immense amount of revenue in the previous year as explained by Information Gatekeepers, Inc (2009).The company is well established and this can be seen through its expansion and mergers with other companies for example in 2009 it bought Alltel wireless according to Polishuk (2010). This is a clear indication that the company has enough resources to venture into the Iran telecommunications market and compete with local based companies by employing proper strategies. The company is one of the major carriers in the United States to use the CDMA technology. The company offers 3G data and voice services and it invests annually to expand and maintain its network as explained by Information Gate keepers Inc. (2009). The communication system in Iran has developed over the years an d the current plan is to modernize and expand the network with the aim of improving efficiency, increasing the urban

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