Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Reading reflection Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reading reflection - Assignment Example Inner speech however may not be an excellent way of learning since the mind might be distracted. As a result of instances of inner speech, the learner shifts the focus from the subject being shared to him hence the learner may not benefit from the inner speech adequately. In reflection No. 2, it is interesting to find out that it is not every question asked that can engage the students in an active way while in class. It is surprising to note that from research, three questions out of five which are asked in class require students to recall learnt data. In addition, out of five questions, the other is a managerial question and only one requires students to think on high levels in their thought processes (Borich, 2013). The statistics are shocking since they punch holes in the other assertions from the book that the thought process is a critical part of the learning process. During such an instance, the students do not learn effectively from the class lessons offered. However, such knowledge provides a chance for teachers to learn and adopt new ways of asking questions the right way to benefit the students. Therefore, whenever asking questions, the teachers should structure them in a way that generates an answer that has been well thought about. The p ractice will lead to actively engaging the thoughts of the students in such a manner that they benefit in the learning process. The use of the correct word choice, tonal variation and emphasis on specific words captivates the mind of the student keeping the mind alert. The main goal of carrying out a dialogue in class in a self-directed learning is to allow students participate in the learning process so as to enable them to understand complex class work content. A teacher achieves the learning objective when the students show gain of knowledge, skills and even develop a

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