Thursday, July 25, 2019

Car Safety Technologies Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Car Safety Technologies - Research Paper Example n the wake of high incidents of accidents, governments have been working hard with automobile producers to incorporate safety technologies in their car models. As such, it is crucial for every individual to understand car safety features before making any purchase. This paper explores some of the most crucial car safety technologies in the automobile industry for the benefit of individuals with plans of buying cars at present or in the future. What would it feel like to take a ride in a car with faulty braking system or loose wheels? Ideally, no one would ever want to put his or her life at risk by getting behind the wheel of a road unworthy car. However, many accidents have occurred with vehicles perceived to be perfect for the road, but how can this problem be solved? The incorporation of car safety technologies is the answer to improving passenger safety in cars. Advance technologies are ensuring high-level testing and thus safer vehicles. Automobile producers are actively pursuing and investing in technologies, which are aimed at improving safety of their products. The following are some of the car safety technologies available in the automobile industry: Electronic stability control (ESC): This technology is significantly minimizes the risk of car skidding when one pulls an emergency action. ESC technology is made in such a manner that it applies automatic braking to particular car wheels (Aparow et al 270). This technology also has the ability to cut the engine power temporarily so that the car driver can maintain control of the car. ESC remains a crucial safety technology in modern vehicles, thus car buyers and owners should ensure they fit this particular car safety technology. Tire-pressure monitoring technology: In the US, all passenger vehicles of 10,000 pounds or below are required by the Traffic and Safety Administration to be fixed with a system that monitors pressure of the tires. Sensors fixed on the car wheels will alert the driver in the

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