Monday, July 29, 2019

Traditional Sports of Kuwait Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Traditional Sports of Kuwait - Essay Example This event comprises of training the birds to swoop down on their prey from a great height at a great speed and then return to their masters. This requires quite a skill but was practiced and mastered by the people in the ancient days. This sport is an integral part of the desert life but it helped to support the meager diet of dates, milk and bread (United World, 2006). Even though it started as a necessity, it eventually became a sport enjoyed equally by both the rich and the poor. The traditional sport has adopted certain changes. In the ancient days the hunting parties used to pursue their prey on a camel or a horse back but today this has been replaced by a four-wheeled vehicle. The UAE government spends about Dhm100 millions on falconry every year (UAEInteract, 2006). The purpose is two-fold – protection of the falcons and creating awareness of this endangered species. Horse racing is still pursued by the modern Kuwaitis. The exclusive Hunting and Equestrian Club is still active although the club’s original horses were stolen by Iraqi invaders (HotelTravel, 1999). The club has race tracks and riding and gymkhana facilities along with other sports and recreation facilities. Racing is still held every Monday at 3pm from October to April except during Ramadan (eKuwait, n.d.). Jockeys and horses from all over the world compete on the club’s attractive, tree-lined track and is open to public. Camel racing is a sport that has its roots in the desert culture. Camels commonly referred to as the ‘ships of the desert’ play a vital role in the daily life of the people in the region (Hezaz, 2002). Camels start receiving training when they are 13 months old and it continues up to the age of three when they begin racing. Care is taken of nutrition of the camels and it requires a very careful camel maintenance hierarchy. Nutritionists, feeders, jockeys, drivers, grooms, cleaners,

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