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What is the effect on the audience of John Proctors decision in act 4? :: English Literature

What is the effect on the audience of John Proctors decision in act 4? How does miller build up tension and drama in this section? How is it still relevant to a modern audience? This essay is on the main importance of John Proctors decision and how Miller builds up a sense of tension (and also drama) throughout Act 4. I will also mention how relevant the play is in modern day times by discussing McCarthyism. Firstly, John Proctors decision in this section is quite simple, sign the agreement or not. But it is the way that this section influences the audience that is significant, because it gets the audience more involved. John has several problems with signing the agreement, for example in signing the agreement he signs his name away, in other words he will lose his reputation. We can learn that Proctor values his name, and sees it as the only thing he has left, apart from Elizabeth; â€Å"I have given you my soul, leave me my name!† This shows us, the audience which Proctor although is shown as a stern man through out the play, in this part he is shown as being emotional and considers his name as a symbol of self respect. Following on from the previous point, humiliation is used well to make us feel sorry for Proctor due to the fact that he is faced with his name and confession being pinned to the church door, the example of this is, when Proctor exclaims; â€Å"God does not need my name nailed to the church door† This helps us strengthen our beliefs that Proctor values his name. Proctor also has other reasons to struggle with his decision, mainly because the others involved are what we know as saints; Rebecca and Martha are very holy people, who believe that they should never lie, even though the consequences may be as extravagant as death, the two saints are holding out against the interrogation of Danforth, therefore John takes it into account that although he is not as holy as they are, to keep the faith, he must hold out, but, the audience gets a shock when John considers the agreement, this gives us an element of surprise and a will he wont he effect, making us watch even more avildly. Other influential things that help John make the decision, is the fact he has a family, he has two boys who he does ask questions about, not only does he ask about his two boys, but also he asks about his unborn child and his wife Elizabeth, who he cares for dearly; an example of

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